Christmas Flowers

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White Christmas Tree by Select Florists

Christmas flowers are the popular flowers used during the festive season of Christmas. In many nations, seasonal flowers and plants such as Poinsettia, Christmas cactus, holly, Christmas rose, ivy and mistletoe form a major part of traditional Christmas decoration.


Large PoinsettiaThe ancient Aztecs (ruling tribe in central Mexico at the time of contact with Europe) prized the poinsettia as a symbol of purity. Centuries later, Mexico’s early Christians adopted the poinsettia as their prized Christmas Eve flower. The Mexican poinsettia, known as the Christmas Flower in North America, is used in most Christmas decorations, owing to its bright red color and its blooming season coinciding with the Christmas holiday season. However, florist dye them in common colors or even add shimmers to make them much more visually engaging during Christmas.

Christmas cactus

Christmas cactus, also known as orchid cactus, often blooms around Christmas time. Pendulous stems of Christmas cactus make it a great choice for hanging baskets. There are a number of different cactus species sold as “Christmas cactus.”
Christmas Cactus flower

Christmas rose

One plant called Christmas rose is regarded as a true Christmas flower in certain parts of the world. Christmas rose (Serissa) is also known as the “snow rose” or “winter rose.” Originally from tropical regions of Asia, cultivated Serissa often blooms during the winter. On the occasion of Christmas Eve, it is traditional for young women in North America to exchange specially designed Christmas roses resembling their spirit of fraternity.


Fall Flower Beauty

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Bundle Of Love

Summer, summer, summer where are you? So sad that our bright, warm, luxurious  summer days are over. The need of being pampered is overwhelming. It’s good to know that Fall brings us lots of beauty with rich tones of red, burgundy, orange and purple…intoxicating smells and velvety petals of heavenly flowers. Let’s enjoy the beauty of a given treasure – Flowers. Let’s make loved ones feeling pampered, treasured, let’s give a gift of flowers to the ones who are sad, lonely, disappointed, mad. Let’s celebrate life with flowers. It’s a God’s given gift to us-humans. Let’s enjoy the perfect beauty!