Roses are one of the most popular flowers in the world. Many feelings can be expressed with roses. Throughout history, roses have been given on every imaginable occasion. Sending roses has always been a way to express feelings that are difficult to convey in words. By carefully selecting the color, you add a touch of class to any gift and can convey a message steeped in emotion and history. Here are a few rose color meanings:
Red symbolizes love, courage, respect, romance, passion and deep love.
Red & White together or White Roses with red edges signifies unity and togetherness.
Pink symbolize grace, sophistication and elegance. Also symbolizes gentle feelings of love and friendship.
Dark-Pink gratefulness and appreciation.
Light-Pink admiration, sympathy, joy and sweetness.
White-innocence, purity, secrecy, friendship, reverence and humility.
Yellow-joy and deep friendship or platonic love, happiness and warmth.
Yellow with Red Tips symbolizes a gesture of falling in love.
Peach symbolizes gratitude, appreciation, admiration or sympathy. They can also convey friendship and sociability. Orange symbolizes enthusiasm, energy and desire.
Green symbolizes calm, freshness, good heath and abundance.
Cream symbolizes richness, perfection and the best qualities.
Select Florists will help you express your feelings with the right bouquet of roses whether it's new love you're trying to impress or spouse you've been with for 50 years. Our rose bouquets are freshly hand-arranged and hand-delivered directly to your door.

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As Bright As The Sun
This sunny arrangement consists of yellow roses, yellow kangaroo paws and bupleurum. It is as beau..
Bundle Of Love
Bundle Of Love​ is a fresh flower arrangement which consists of red and hot pink roses, orange spray..
Dream Bubble
This simple beauty rose bouquet consists of 24 soft pink roses, hand-tied in a bouquet with raffia.&..
Royal Roses
Royal Roses is an arrangement of 24 premium long stem red roses gracefully arranged along with ..
My Love To You
It's not your typical dozen rose arrangement. This dozen of flame red roses is arranged with style i..
White Elegance
Very elegant all white flower arrangement. It includes white roses, calla lillies, gerber daisies, s..
Pure Harmony
This beautiful arrangement is suitable for any occasion. It consists of white roses, white dendrobiu..
Celebrate Life
This beautiful arrangement consists of yellow and orange roses, green Hydrangea, yellow solidago, an..
Bowl Of Roses
What a cute, colorful arrangement for summer time. It is arranged in a round glass vase, it consists..
Colorful Vibe
This beautiful white washed willow basket is filled with vibrant color flowers such as yellow and pi..
Rosie Roses
What a pretty assortment of pink roses. It is all arranged in a square glass vase along with bupleur..
Simply Hot
Hot pink roses arranged in a tall cylinder vase, decorated with raffia and filled with river rocks. ..
Bright Red Love
Bright Red Love is a bouquet of 24 premium long stem red roses wrapped with a red ribbon. It is..
Little Sweet Joy
This little topiary is made out of pink spray roses, pink alstromeria and seeded eucalyptus.   ..
My Fourties
This is an amazing gift bouquet of beautiful roses for the 40th Birthday! This arrangement consists ..
This cute silver bowl consists of magnificent hot pink roses, gysophilla and variegated oregonia. It..
Just Pink
This tussy-mussy consists of light pink and medium pink spray roses, lavender wax flower and variega..
Rose Fantasy
Dozen yellow roses gracefully arranged in a cylinder vase along with lemon leaves. Vase decorated wi..
A Cup Of Freshness
The words natural, vibrant , pure comes to your mind when you look at this beautiful arrangement. Pe..
Tea party
Tussy-mussy in a tea cup is a popular arrangement. It consists of spray roses, rice flower and green..
Roses For You
What a beautiful arrangement of fresh picked pink roses! Send your love to someone special with this..
Yellow Rose Haven
Twenty-four yellow long stem roses arranged in a clear glass cylinder vase decorated with a pretty r..
Joyful Silver Cup
This tussy-mussy consists of red spray roses, red hyperricum berries, white wax flower and variegate..
Red Rose Haven
Twenty-four Red long stem roses arranged in a clear glass cylinder vase decorated with curly willow ..
This topiary mainly consists of green roses, some white stock, pink alstromeria, seeded eucalyptus a..
Vineyard Garden
This elegant arrangement consists of yellow roses, green hydrangea, viburnum berries, tree ivy and g..
His Majesty
This arrangement consists of red bi- color roses, red hypericum berries and variegated oregonia. Ser..
My Lavender Dream
This dreamy arrangement consists of white roses, lavander stock, purple orchids and yellow solidago...
Soft White Roses
This simple rose and white pine arrangement is pure and delicate. Just right for the holiday season...
Hot Hot Roses
Beautiful pink roses arranged along with ruscus and lemon leaves. Vase decorated with raffia. • 11" ..
Colorful Harmony
This pretty arrangement of hot pink and yellow roses is made in a square glass vase, lined with a gr..
Red Blooms For You
Twelve Red long stem roses and common ruscus arranged in a clear glass cylinder vase decorated with ..
This beautiful heartwarming arrangement consists of light pink and hot pink roses arranged in a glas..